Addiction Services from Memphis, Tennessee

Mark G. Luttrell M.D. in Memphis, Tennessee, provides a range of psychiatry and addiction services, helping people make lasting changes and improvements in their lives. Nothing is more important to us than your well being.

Psychiatry & Addiction Services

Our staff is experienced in a host of therapy and addiction services. From personal counseling and psychotherapy sessions to addiction treatment methods, we are a full-service treatment facility. Specializing in multiple forms of addiction, our programs are extensive, providing outside clinic support,free group sessions twice weekly,and 1/2 to 1 hr appointment times.In addition,we provide concierge services-you will have access to your doctor 24/7,and home/office visits are offered.

Treating Addictions

All patients undergo an introductory phase, allowing us to assess the specific needs and address the issue there dependence . It is often necessary to treat addictions with drugs, weaning patients off the substance.

Counselor - Addiction Services in Memphis, TN

After the first month we engage patients in therapy, having them participate in group and individual sessions. During this time appropriate medications will be prescribed.  The final phase is where the patient is tapered off the drug that they were prescribed for opiate addiction and can remain in psychotherapy and  medication management. The ultimate goal is to bring patients to a healthier point, allowing them to think and act clearly and make better choices. Continued therapy is provided for all patients.


There are numerous pain management medications that are abused today. Our clinic offers Suboxone™  in conjunction with therapy services. All doses are tailored to the individual patient.

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